Vonage (TokBox)のドキュメントに載っていないこと



Session inspectorとArchive inspectorはそのセッションの20日後に見られなくなる。Advanced Insights (0/month)を契約しても同じ制限。

Q: It seems I can see the data on the session inspector and archive inspector within a month after the events are happening. Is that correct? When does the information expire on the inspectors? 

Ans: Data on session inspector can be found only till 20 days from day session has been conducted i.e. it expire after 20 days.

Q: If we use Advanced Insights ($500/month), the data never expires?

Ans- No, on session inspector it still show data for that particular session, till 20 days from the day session is conducted.


Ans: Yes, Tokbox uses local time in all it’s tools.